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As in Part I we discussed the properties of movement that resembled the flow of Existence and thus defended its appropriate use for expressing and communicating, in Part II we focus on the subjectivity of the process of moving, the kind of spaces that it enables within one’s own consciousness, and the awareness shifts that it may provide. This part is about the contemplative windows that dancing or moving to one’s own present moment opens.

We should consider ourselves conditioned by our own perspective, and…

In this article, we are going to reflect on Movement, its omnipresence throughout the process of Meaning Creation and Communication, and why its Physical Embodiment can be a legitimate tool to express and understand what we perceive in an abundantly natural and integrated way.

Movement in Existence

Arduous work is to list all moving things in existence. Once one starts to become aware of the ubiquity of movement, it is hard to recognize Stillness. In fact, after enough searching, non-motion starts to be evoked as a sacred abstract concept which must somehow hold existence for everything that is, without being something itself. How…

Buddhism as an Apocalypse for the Passionate Artist

“We begin to die the moment we are born, for birth is the cause of death. The nature of decadence is inherent in youth, the nature of disease is inherent in health, in the midst of life we are really in death.”

There are no reasons to desire Life without worshipping its goal: Death.


Such inescapable statements arise from the belly of the Buddhist teachings, such a hopeless terrain for the ones rooted in the dances and passions of life. …

Digital Ambiguity, an Enforced Senseless Subject to Master

The digital world has been commonly referred to as that space or domain where computation can be applied. Those who have been maturely alive for the past 20 years have likely been reading the term in countless billboards, LED strips, product frames, and varied media. It has been posed to us as a revolution, which has inevitably raised the thread flag on the grounds of the skeptical.

But there is no-one to blame, the digital was early presented in a rough and raw graphic shell. It was publicly portrayed as a fast-lane to the future but subconsciously meant a heavily…

This is a review of the Creative Horizons of Computational Systems. Can we build intelligent tools that are creative, help us be more creative or shed some light on the creative process itself? Let’s review the meaning of creativity and the ways through which the machine can be a helpful participant.

I. Creativity, A Human Experience

The Oxford dictionary describes creativity as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something inventiveness”, but if we ought to find a common agreement across the literature with regards to describing the phenomena of creativity per se (from a human perspective), that would probably be that creativity

Will Barleycorn

Art-based Researcher, Data-AI-SignalProcessing Engineer. I study ~rhythms through aesthetics.

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